North East League reports 2022 season

Week 2
May 5th

Division 1
Rink 1: Lost 10-17. After a even start 5-5 after 6 ends, K & H then pulled away winning 7 ends out of 8 ends, to a match winning 16-7 lead.
Mike Agg, David Noyce, Bill Relton & Jim Lawlor.

Rink 2: Won 14-8. BSA got of to a good start picking up 5 singles & keeping the lead 10-3 after 11 ends. K & H came back into the match 11-8 after 16 ends but a 3 on the last end for BSA was the match winner.
Spencer Wintle, Trevor Wilkins, Sue Whale & Keith Boyland.

Rink 3: Lost 12-14. K & H went into a 5-1 lead after 4 ends. BSA came back to 7-8 down after 8 ends. Then rest of the match was very close with a few shots in it. Going into the last end the score was 13-12 to K & H. But they manged to see the match out scoring 1 shot on the last end.
Jane Lowden, Raad Marouf, John Pearce & Richard Ludwell.
Overall score lost 2-8 (36-39).


C Team Report – Week 2 / Away v Page Park Sports 05/05/22
7 changes from the side that lost 8-2 last week. Green bowled very well – long jack tactic approach (green is normally heavy).

Rink 1: Juilet Wilkins / Alcuin Wilkie / Janet Hunt / Colin Horsey – steady start after 6 ends, slipped away faced being 10-19 down after 13 ends (dropped a 6). Having the experience once again helped on the rink pulling back some big counts (4, 3 & 2) only to just lose by 1 shot 19-20, with some good drawing bowls towards the end.

Rink 2: Darrell Pearce / Barrie Cox / George Peglar / Alan King – steam roller ahead 12-1 up after 7 ends, Page Park pulled the score back to 17-15 (down) – BSA managed to score a 1 on the last end, winning 18-15. Experience again on this rink helped play the part.

Rink 3: John Hargreaves / Sue Taylor / Paul Godfrey / Glen Wintle – tight match throughout. 7-6 up after 8 ends, dropping a 5 on the 11th end (12-11 down) / then 15-11 down after 13th end. Picked up a 4 on the 14th end / 15-15 / dropped 2 on the next end / picked up 1 shot on the last 2 ends to tie 17-17.

(Some good leading by John Hargreaves and slowing down match play via myself helped later in the match).

Won 7-3 (54-52) Well done to all rinks for focusing on the overall team score.


Week 1
April 28th

Division 1
With about 16 members not being available for the first week of the league season it was a very difficult task for the 3 captains to pick there best teams across the sides. There was a fair number of team changes in the day’s leading up to the matches.
Rink 1: Lost 10-19. Matching each other, taking it turns with only 1’s or 2’s being scored 7 -7 after 10 ends, we then dropped a 5 on end 11, we tried to get the shots back but could not.
Spencer Wintle, Sue Taylor, Bill Relton, Keith Boyland.
Rink 2: Won 16-15. A very close match all the way, with highest score on one end being a 3. Going into the last end 15-15. But BSA came out winners getting the shot on the last end.
David Noyce, Barrie Cox, George Pegler, Mike Agg.
Rink 3: Lost 16-22. A crazy start to match BSA losing a 6 on the 1st end, but then picking up a 5 & a 3 to go 8-6 up.
St Annes came back into the match going 13-11 up. Match was then tied at 13-13 after 11 ends. But a 5 for St. Annes on the 13th end was to prove the match winner.
Raad Marouf, Alcuin Willkie, Sue Whale, Jim Lawlor.
Overall score lost 2-8 (42-56).
Spencer Wintle

Division 2
With a large number of members missing out on the first week of the season across the three sides, the C team were faced with a number of changes & new additions since last season.
Rink 1: (my rink) Won 16-10. Slow start 1-6 down after 5 ends, managed to hold on to some good play thereafter picking up a 4 and 3 in shots.
Stephen Brice, cracking match at lead, very consistent bowler / Al Beere had a decent game and bonded very well / James Morgan, good shot selection on the night made the difference on a number of ends / myself – managed to pull/convert shots when required.
Rink 2: Lost 10 -25 Started off well to match after the first half dozen ends then slipped away, dropping some heavy counts.
Lorraine Simms / John Barrett / Darrell Pearce / Paul Godfrey.
Rink 3: Lost 16-17 Bit of a slow start, after 7 ends was 1-10 down.
Great comeback to 16-16 on the 16 end, picking up a couple of 4’s along the way. Colin only just missed a drawing shot to the jack on the last end, credit to all for the comeback, having good experience on the rink helped.
Juilet Wilkins / Les Chick / Jane Lowden / Colin Horsey.
Overall score lost 2-8 (42-52).
Glen Wintle