Created in 2015 by a small group of members, the Monday Working Party now meet every week between 10am & 3pm to carry out various jobs ranging from tending of the gardens to building projects. Not only have these meetings allowed members to keep in touch with each other during the closed season, but it has also greatly improved the facilities that we can offer today.

Improvements made include: the installation of units to the inner kitchen; a hot water system for the bar and toilets; decoration of the clubhouse and skittle alley rooms; revamping of the clubhouse & skittle alley bars; new toilets and urinals; installation of the bowling green watering system; an electric fence to help protect the bowling green from rodents; decoration of the main changing rooms; and much, much more! Today, from its original 5 members, the group has now doubled in size and the continual improvements make our club the envy of many others in the city.

With many more projects planned in the future, the MWP will continue to meet for a long time to come. So, if you would like to help us, or just want to come and look around the current facilities, please feel free to join us on a Monday morning – you might even get offered a cup of tea!

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