Health Benefits Of Bowls

Bowls is a sport for all regardless of age, gender or physical ability. It’s a sport that takes a few seconds to learn and the rest of your career to master! The health benefits of playing bowls are many fold:

  • Lawn bowls is strategic, tactical and competitive and enhances cognitive skills and hand eye coordination and balance
  • In older people the enhanced level of physical activity and social and mental stimulation can help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other mental degenerative diseases
  • The act of bowling helps promote muscle exercise in the lower body. The act of delivering a bowl causes muscles, tendons and ligaments to flex and stretch leading to improved flexibility, mobility, muscle tone and core strength
  • Lawn bowls is an outdoor sport, increasing Vitamin D intake which is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system
  • The community of bowls and the social activity associated with the game help to reduce social isolation through divorce, bereavement or exclusion from more vigorous sports

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