2020 season delayed due to Coronavirus.

Due to Coronavirus the season is currently on hold. Here you will find all we had planned for 2020.

Schedule 2020

We have a busy schedule for 2020 at Bristol St Andrews! Click here for a PDF of our Player Handbook for all the information you need. Some important dates are:
  • Saturday 29th April Liberty of Havering Tourists 13.30
  • Saturday 2nd May Sandown Tourists 13.30
  • Monday 4th May Chacewater Tourists 13.30
  • Friday 8th May OPEN DAY
  • Monday 25th May OPEN DAY
  • Friday 12th June - Monday 15th June North Cornwall Tour
  • Saturday 20th June Club Mixed 4 Wood Singles
  • Saturday 25th July Club Pairs (Men/Women/Mixed)
  • Saturday 22nd August Club Competition Finals
  • Saturday 5th September Aberavon Brigades Tourists
  • Wednesday 9th September Worthing Tourists
  • Friday 11th September Bowls Herefordshire Tourists
  • Monday 14th September Garrard Tourists
  • Saturday 19th September Cowes Medina Tourists
  • Saturday 27th September Open Fours

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