Annual skittles tournament

The 5th annual pairs skittles tournament took place on Saturday 12th February 2022


With 15 pairs (30 people) taking part with a “All-In Format” from members of Bristol St Andrews, supported by Begbrook Green, Bristol Greenbank, Olveston bowls clubs and the Intoxicators skittles team.


Thank you to pre-arrangements by Glen Wintle, the sticker-up Markus Fudge – fantastic amount of work re-setting the skittle pins and to Colin Horsey for manning the bar and myself for chalking the board all evening.


The competition started at 7.30pm & finished at 11pm (with a 20 minute break for the raffle).


The Winners and Runners-up on the evening took away a prize pot of £90 split between the top 5:


1st Ian & Gary Curtis (Olveston Bowls Club) 62 pins.


2nd Carl Evans & Luke Salmon (Intoxicators Skittle Team) 61 pins.


3rd Mick Fletcher  & Kevin Maguire (Greenbank Bowls Club) 60 pins.


4th Keith Boyland & Colin Horsey (BSA) 59 pins.


5th Dan & Liam (Intoxicators Skittle Team) 55 pins.


A great evening had by all.