A Letter From Our Chairman

Dear Member,

I am sure many of you will have been watching the Bowls England website for up to date information.  We have today received guidance from Bowls England.

 We have, as with most other sports clubs and associations had to close our club with immediate effect until further notice.

Your management committee will keep the situation under review taking advice from Bowls England and Government.  All county competitions entry fees paid to Gloucester will be refunded in time. Daniel Swift will continue cutting and maintaining the green, although I cannot see that anyone will want to roll up at present. There are a couple of points mentioned in the statement from Bowls England that I wish to emphasise.

• The club’s finances are at this time fairly healthy so we will not require to ask members for loans.  However, we do still ask that ALL members continue to pay their subscriptions so the club will have the funds to pay our bills.  With no matches and private booking our income from bar sales will be severely affected.

• If you live close by another member(s), please do take the time to check up on them.  If anyone requires help or assistance with shopping,  we will help.  Please let either Spencer, Steve Dawe or myself know if you need assistance.

• Most importantly of all, please all try and stay fit and healthy.  Bowls England are going to produce a ‘Bowlers Workout’ for members to keep active during isolation which we will send to members once it’s available.

For a club like ours, or indeed any club, we must face the fact that some of our members will become ill.  You will all have heard the government advice and I can only reiterate that advice.  Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

We are proposing to circulate a monthly newsletter to all members and it is hoped this will start shortly.  If you have anything you would like to put in it, please let me have the details.  Perhaps something to ‘lighten the mood’ would be good.  Jokes etc.  But articles and anything else would be good.

Finally, details regarding this year’s tour are still unsure.  I will update you on the newsletter as soon as we know any details.

Please stay healthy and fit.

Best Wishes

John Pearce